Tuesday, 15 July 2014

SURPRISE!!!.....ER..... NOT!!!

 So Auntie Bu' is a darling. A real sweetheart. Beautiful inside and out, soft spoken gentle and lovable. A devoted wife and mother. Though as I've been told, she can be a real lioness if anyone tries to mess with her boys o - Auntie Bu' has five boys, that is if you count in Uncle Chi too.
Auntie Bu' doesn't socialize much, she has very few friends, according Bi' her younger sister, Auntie Bu' suffered terrible betrayal from some of her close friends and that has caused her to withdraw from socializing. It is also Bi' that told us that Auntie Bu' hasn't celebrated her birthday since she was sixteen!!! Can you believe that!!!

Sure she celebrates each year, she cuts cake, welcomes guests who drop in on the day, there is always jollof rice and other delicacies but to actually have a proper 'ho' down shindig'... not since she was sixteen.

Now this is not deliberate on her part, its just that stuff always happened to jettison any birthday plans. When she was eighteen, she had exams at school, when she was twenty-one, her family was bereaved, when she was twenty five, she was about to get married, when she was thirty, they couldn't afford it, when she was forty they decided to throw an out of this world tenth birthday party for their second son and now that she is going to be fifty....... her aburos and dear friends have decided to throw a 'no-excuses-this-time-around' surprise birthday party in her honour.

Elaborate plans were made for what promises to be the party of the year. It was decided that all the plans should be kept under tight wraps so that Auntie Bi' wouldn't find a reason to wriggle out of having a party this time around - she is so self sacrificing. So tightly under wraps were the plans that Uncle Chi was not carried along as it is believed that he loved his wife too much to keep a secret from her.

By now the stage has been set for the parrie - hall booked and paid for, caterers, musician, decorators commissioned, programme printed, souvenirs bought in short, all that was left is for the date to arrive.

Hmmmn.... 'Yamayama' started to smell last week Friday, but unfortunately no one could pick the scent. Auntie Bu' called one of her friends early in the morning to let her know that she was going to pick Baby Chi from his boarding school that day as he had completed his exams and she had missed him so  much this term she just wanted to start off the holidays earlier with him. Nothing to worry about in that abi???

Second aroma of 'yamayama' came the next day when on her Facebook status she posted "off to The Maldives with the boys". Now the aroma was picked up by her posse. Frantic calls were made her lines to no avail, Uncle Chi's line too were not going through. Her sisters were called but they were as equally puzzled. Auntie Bo' decided to visit her to be sure that all was well but on her way there she got the text message which read:
              "Hi Bo' & Bi', We are all off to The Maldives for my birthday, I just feel like marking the day with the boys, you know how I feel about crowds abi. Sorry for not informing you earlier, it was a spur of the moment thing and this network sef. Anyway, I'll call you guys when we arrive. HUGS".

Hey!!! See 'gbege'!!! How do we celebrate the parrie of the year without the birthday girl???

Over the weekend, attempts were made to get the vendors do a refund or consider a shift in date but who side..... Money has already touched their palms and no one wants to release it.

Anyways, news just reaching moi, is that Auntie has called in from The Maldives apologizing for messing up the plans and suggesting that the parrie must go on since otherwise would mean losing money, she and her family would connect via Skype - don't you just love technology.

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