Saturday, 6 December 2014


I just lurve to partay!!! I love, love, love our Nigerian 'Owambe' parties - dressing up, the gorgeously dressed people, the ambience, food, music you name it, we Nigerians know how to celebrate and we do it with style not minding any austerity measures.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Do I begin by tendering an apology for my absence from my duty post in over a month? I have been AWOL and I hope I will not be court marshalled. Please forgive me.

What's in a name? Would a rose still smell as sweet if it is called by any other name?

Names are very important. They are like identity tags, they are confessional statements telling of hopes of a preferred future, they tell of the depth of parental love and the circumstances surrounding ones birth, for some people, even believe that ones personality or character can be determined from ones name.

In almost all African cultures, much consideration is usually given in naming children.
Many African names carry great meaning. I know that Yoruba names carry great meanings. That's why for the life of me, I can't understand the new trend for misspelling names by young people these days.

Why would someone named Adeoluwa ( The Crown of God), prefer to spell their name as 'Hardayholowar', Ololade is now spelt as 'Hololarday'.
Can someone help me understand the rationale for this absurd attitude. To me, this alternative mode of spelling Yoruba names robs the name of its meaning and very 'razz'. I say 'razz' because in trying to pronounce the the names as they are spelt forces one to emphasize the wrong syllables. When Adeoluwa is spelt as 'Hardayholowar', the vowel sound 'a' is wrongly emphasized by the unnecessary addition of the 'h' sound which is wrong and it encourages what is known as the 'mother tongue influence' in diction.
I hope this fad would pass over quickly. Our Yoruba names are lovely and bestow much grace on the bearer. Misspelling them makes rubbish of that grace.


Monday, 1 September 2014


This September.....

our laughter will be 


It'll be

It'll be

Where people have laughed at us they will come and laugh with us

This is our month of laughter!!!

Everyday of this new month we will all have brand new reasons to laugh in Jesus name.

Oya, type in your 'Amen', if you agree with me.


Sunday, 17 August 2014


Indeed the world is a war zone, there is always a fierce battle between the forces of good and evil. There are no demilitarised zones, you are either for good or for evil.

Evil always tries to overcome good. The devil employs a myriad of strategies in trying to conquer humanity but 'we are not ignorant of his devices' - 2Cor 2:11(KJV).

In Ephesians 6:11, we are charged to:
Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. - KJV

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Some of the things I read in the news just glides off my mind. I tend to take them as stuff that happen to other people, until someone close to me shares a similar experience.

About a month ago, I read in the papers, a sad story of a successful business woman who was brutally murdered in her home by her young boyfriend, who then ran off with her money and other belongings. The story was so moving that I began to wonder at the price some women pay for love and acceptance.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


 Yay people, It is the month of August - our month of Extravagant Praise!!!

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To be honest, when I first heard, in church, that it is our month of Extravagant Praise, my initial reaction was - "huh"? My mind went straight to my 2014 goals and how I've been yet to accomplish much of my set objectives this year.

But guess what?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hello peeps, hope you are feeling cool but not too cold eh?

There has been so much information going around these days about what to do and what not to do to stay alive. Someone was telling me about an email she received on the dangers of women using soap to wash their privates and while we were discussing, she got two more emails about other health warnings. We then began to list all the don't do this don't do that emails we have received or heard about, I'm telling you it was a pretty long list and if one was to follow every advice life would be pretty miserable indeed.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hi y'all, hope you're enjoying the cool weather we are having lately. This is my favorite season of the year, so if you are one of those people that cant stand the cold, please bear with us, your sunshine will be back soon.

I absolutely do not like anything gory and I guess that's why I've steered clear of any discussions about the Ebola Virus Disease that is currently affecting parts of Africa and now Nigeria :( .

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

SURPRISE!!!.....ER..... NOT!!!

 So Auntie Bu' is a darling. A real sweetheart. Beautiful inside and out, soft spoken gentle and lovable. A devoted wife and mother. Though as I've been told, she can be a real lioness if anyone tries to mess with her boys o - Auntie Bu' has five boys, that is if you count in Uncle Chi too.
Auntie Bu' doesn't socialize much, she has very few friends, according Bi' her younger sister, Auntie Bu' suffered terrible betrayal from some of her close friends and that has caused her to withdraw from socializing. It is also Bi' that told us that Auntie Bu' hasn't celebrated her birthday since she was sixteen!!! Can you believe that!!!

Saturday, 28 June 2014


It was a hot sunny day.
I had spotted his frail frame swathed in an old pink 'buba and sokoto', long before my car pulled to an abrupt halt by the traffic lights at Alausa Secretariat. He ambled unsteadily on the sidewalk, stooped with old and maybe a hard life.
He would have passed on by, another stranger on a busy Lagos road, if I hadn't accidentally pressed the car horn whilst trying to increase the volume of the CD player.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Yeah, yeah, I know this is 'broken news' (anything like that???).

Its no longer news that our nation has lost one of its rare gems in person of Prof. Dora Akunyili, who passed on after an undisclosed illness in an Indian hospital at the age of 59.

Monday, 19 May 2014


Its so sad when one looses a loved one.

It really must be traumatic to loose a friend, an ally, a lover and a compatriot.

The death of a spouse can't be easy to bear at all especially when that loved on has been responsible in duty.

I always wonder what must be going on in the minds of widowed women as the wail over the loss of their husbands.

Could they be wailing the loss of a breadwinner? Could their cries be from fear of not knowing how to continue alone? Could it be because they cannot tell what fate awaits them in the hands of cruel relatives and evil traditions?

       or could it just be borne out of obligation so that people wont think she didn't love her husband or worse.....

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Such a sad day for humanity when we choose to admit to our collective ineptitude by dedicating a whole month to 'Child Abuse Prevention'. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t object to the fact that we have dedicated a period in time to bring issues of 'Child Abuse' to our attention, but what I am saying is that the fact that abuses against children occur at all to even warrant the dedication of a whole month is sad.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


How does one paint a word picture of JOY?

How does one properly express the feelings of pure delight?

Images of children running and playing with careless abandon, 
                                        giddy with glee on a sunset lit hilltop comes to my mind as expressions of pure joy.

                If happiness is because of happenings then joyfulness must be inspite of happenings.

It is a conscious decision to momentarily suspend all thoughts about the negativity that abounds and give in to feelings of delight, ecstasy or enjoyment.

I sit here on the verandah, 'lapping my lappie', watching the pouring rain and enjoying the coolness it offers, all I can think of is  


Saturday, 5 April 2014


Normally during praise-worship in church I close my eyes so as to concentrate better on worshipping God, but sometimes my eyes open just to take stock of events around me. It was one of those Sundays o, while I was 'jejely' flowing in the Spirit and doing my thing for my God, my eyes opened to peruse the environment when I beheld this sista.....

Friday, 7 March 2014


 In a program I watched on TV a few weeks ago, the topic of discussion was
 'Whether or not married women should disclose the details of their finances to their husbands'.

It was quite funny that a very significant number of women ( the discussants & callers), for various reasons admitted to keeping money secrets from their husbands.

 Some of their reasons ranged from:

                                        past infidelity
                                        financial recklessness
                                        in-law issues etc.

Sure some women called in to say that it isn't wise to keep money secrets or any secret for that matter, from ones spouse, but they were in the minority so they didn't 'win' that day.

I was going to call in with a recount of a true life story but I feared the 1 minute alloted to each caller wouldn't be enough for me and whats the point in a half told story? So here I come with the story, hopefully it'll help someone out there.


Pardon the title jare. Its not an attempt to detract from the seriousness of the matter, indeed it is a serious matter as I was shocked at the images I just saw on TV this morning.


When they heard the sound of God strolling in the garden in the evening breeze, the Man and his Wife hid in the trees of the garden, hid from God.
God called to the Man: “Where are you?”
10 He said, “I heard you in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked. And I hid.”
11 God said, “Who told you you were naked?...

Monday, 3 March 2014


Children of the same parents - same father, same mother as we say, raised in the same household, with the same values, attended the same schools, given the same opportunities, probably shared each others stuff.....

They should grow up to be friends    ABI?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


After the kinna gangsta Christmas I had last year, money has been playing heavily on my mind all day of this new year!!!

 I'll be the first to admit that I need to up my financial IQ, infact, let me just admit that when it comes to financial intelligence I should be put in baby class.


Its 14th of January and I guess its really late to be saying this but somehow it just doesn't feel right to bounce in here without paying attention to the simple courtesies first, especially as I haven't been here for a while.

The stats show a steady rise in the page views so for all of you dear readers, this is for you. May 2014 be all you want it to be and more.