Friday, 7 March 2014


Pardon the title jare. Its not an attempt to detract from the seriousness of the matter, indeed it is a serious matter as I was shocked at the images I just saw on TV this morning.

A video has just been shown of the son of a Permanent Secretary in Ondo state, rough handling an official of FRSC.

I wish I had a clip of the video to insert here but I'll keep searching for it sha, but as the story goes, the 'young man' was charged for not using a seat belt while driving and his reaction to that was to physically assault the FRSC man even to the point of tearing his uniform. All this happened in the presence of other men of the FRSC who stood by watching as one of them was being assaulted. A voice in the background was even recorded trying to placate the irate fellow referring to him as "oga".

Now what got me upset is the fact that the young man was probably allowed to get away with that disgraceful conduct because he is the son of a top civil servant.

Where are values as a people?

Since when has it become OK to resolve issues by brawling in the streets?

I hope this gets the attention of the Ondo State Government and the father of that disgraceful child is penalised and together with his son, made to tender a public apology.

The FRSC also shouldn't take this lying low.

Its high time people in public offices and their family members learnt how to conduct themselves in public.

Just my 2 cents kobo o.


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