Tuesday, 15 October 2013



Excuse me jare.

Had to come here to laugh out loud as what  I just witnessed is too funny not to share.

Its this babe o, you know her type now; baffed to the teeth, nose in the air, veeery, veeery upitty, ehn now, the type that makes you feel like a housegirl even in your sunday best. You gorrit!! That's the type of girl am talking about.

Anyhow, this babe managed to bring herself to share a table with moi at this upscale, everyone feeling cool, function and as we ate I couldn't help but notice that Miss Babe is a proper Omo-Naija, as in she was saving the piece of meat on her plate till the end of the meal - her grandma must have taught her well.

As Miss Babe eventually quaffed every other food item on her plate and was about to start on the piece of meat......

The meat bounced off her plate and landed on the table!!!

That was not the funny bit o, what got me in stictches was that Miss Babe quickly picked the piece of meat blew on it and popped it into her mouth.

Upon all her shakara!!! Na wa o!!!

Who has ever being in that kinna situation? What did you do?

A similar situation for me was when at a party I was served what I taught would be an easy piece of meat to chew. I picked it up with a fork and tried to take a bite. As I pulled at it, the tin con dey pull me, I pull am, e pull me back, when I saw they look on the other guests faces, I had to concede defeat to the meat o. Not after my lipstick and part of my make-up had been ruined!!! Shame on me for behaving like a 'Wobia' in public!!!

Shameful tins can happen at parries o.

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