Thursday, 27 June 2013


I heard a gist last night that left me rather disturbed - you know the type - the 'do not say you heard it from me' kinda gist.

As I am about to do 'amebo' by passing it on I guess I'll have to bind you to the same caveat - 'DO NOT SAY I TOLD YOU O'!!!

So as the story goes, there is this friend of a friend of a neighbour's sister in-law's cousin's wife, longtale abi? Anyho', this lady is about 35 years old, been married and divorced twice, in a common law relationship and separated and now involved with another man.

So what do you call someone that does that?

Dictionary definition of a serial monogamist is someone who engages in a series of short monogamous relationships.

I am really trying not to judge her but some questions keep popping in my mind:

  • What exactly is she looking for that all those men have not been able to give her?
           ..... Is it love?
           ..... Money?
          .....  Sex?
           ..... Validation?
           .....  A sense of self worth?
  • What is her personality like?
          Surely she can't be so difficult to live with or so intolerant.
  • If three men haven't been able to give her some level of satisfaction, how can she be so sure she'll get it from this fourth guy?
  • Won't she fare better with counselling?
  •    What about her children? - Now that's the part that got me bothered. Apparently she has had children for each of the men.
           What example is she setting for those children?
            What would their emotional state be like?
            What impact would the constant upheaval do to their sense of security?
Surely you'd think that after three failed relationships she would have thrown in the towel and called it a day as far as men are concerned - I know I would have, but to be going in again a FOURTH time??? ....Scary!!!
Either she is an incurable optimist or just having a great time at the expense of all the men.
So what do you make of her? I'd like to know. Please feel free to drop a comment.

Aunty Mo.

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