Friday, 7 June 2013


The family is the bedrock of any society or country.

Strong families make strong societies.

The society is nothing but a reflection of the condition of the families within it.

Where family values are lacking, where family structures are broken down, the society is affected adversely.

I believe strongly that in order to fix the problems prevalent in our country, we need to return and take a look at how the families here are structured and managed.

It is only when there is healing in the home that our communities will become healthy.

The corruption, violence and despondency we see all around us are mere symptoms of damaged family structures.

The family is a micro society – within it we have leadership structures, communication issues, power struggles, competition for equitable distribution of available resource and other issues found in the larger society.

The family unit is a cradle where individuals are groomed for the good of the larger society.

I believe that individuals from caring,supportive families where their self-esteem has been carefully nurtured contribute more positively to society.

It is my prayer then that we are all endowed with the wisdom we need to ensure that our homes are places of healing where every person in it are well groomed for the greater good of all.
Aunty Mo.

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