Saturday, 20 July 2013


 Yeah,  yeah, I guess I must admit that I've been living under a rock in the last couple of days. Indeed I've been away on a personal retreat and you know how these things work, I was totally incommunicado - which also means that I was behind on some of the Major news and events happening in our country.

So you can imagine my shock and utter disgust when I read
of the Nigerian Senate's approval of underage marriage. Even as I type, I feel sick to the pit of my stomach and the only question I can ask is ' How did we get here' ?

How did we get to the point that we are being ' ruled' by these men who totally lack morals and any sort of humane values?

Is it possible that a country in these days and age would have a senate that is majorly constituted of madmen?

Who are these men? Do they have children? Daughters? Granddaughter?

Do they even care what civilised societies must be thinking of us?

Another headline I read quotes Dokubo as saying ' underage marriage is the right of muslims'.

These are the kind of things that fill me with dread.

I feel so helpless.....

Yes, I could sign a petition against this and I will, but is that enough?

These people are not sane at all, they have no shame and lack understanding else they would not have betrayed our children like this.

Please take a stand against this outrageous law by adding your name to the petition HERE

May God have mercy on Nigeria and Nigerians.

Aunty Mo.

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