Sunday, 21 July 2013


Still on the Nigerian senate and underage marriage issue. I am so glad to read of the public out cry against it.

In an article in one of the dailies, it was reported that even some Islamic groups were against it saying  that Nigeria is not ready for such a laws, although they  were not specific on what necessary conditions should be met before the country can be deemed ready.

I spent some time last night signing the petition at and sending the link to my Facebook contacts urging them to put their names on the petition list too.

This morning, I happily stood in the rain to put my name on another petition list by The Real Woman Foundation. We must all do whatever we can to lend a voice and speak up against this evil.

If like me political talk confuses you, you can read a simplified version of the gist HERE so that you too can be in the know ;)

I just pray that all the outcry wouldn't just fizzle out without achieving any purpose. I pray that we can sustain the tempo until we get the desired change.

It is well.

Aunty Mo.


  1. Yay!!! Tonilicious, herself, stops by!!! Love you heaps babe. Thanks for the cmment.


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