Thursday, 11 July 2013


Who hasn't heard the phrase 'One Chance' - a term that refers to a situation where criminals take advantage of unsuspecting commuters by luring them into commuter buses only to rob them during the journey and dump them far from their planned destinations.

Once, several years ago - when I was still agile & fit, I boarded a 'One Chance' cab.
It was a particularly hot day, the bus stop was crowded, I had an urgent appointment to keep so I guess that day I was the perfect 'One Chance' candidate - my guards were down!!!
As this rickety cab pulled up, I quickly raced up to it feeling grateful that I was able to beat all the other commuters in the race. I hopped in and made myself comfy in the only available doorside seat. As we journeyed on, weird things started happening, the cabman decided to stop and check something in the booth then he came back and started talking to the other female 'passenger' in an angry tone - something about box of apples and box of dollars. quick. quick my brain kicked into action as I recalled having heard a similar story from a cousin whose friend had been robbed of four hundred thousand naira in that same situation.
I remembered the 14k I had on me which was for an outfit I was going to buy for a 'parrie' I was to attend later that day - e no go good make thief carry am go o! On that day 14k seemed like 14million, I think it was my last card sef so in a bid to protect my money, I decided to act 'James Bond' - without giving it much thought I quickly opened the door and flew out of the moving vehicle - see how much I like money? More that my life sef. Thank God the traffic was light that day and there was no vehicle coming in the next lane.
It wasn't until I got safely to the other side of the road that I started to ask myself a pertinent question - what is more important, my money or my life? Someone once said to me that you can't say you know a person until money is involved, I guess I learnt some thing about myself that day.

There are many 'One Chance' situations in life, 'one chance' marriages, 'one chance' business deals, 'one chance' purchases and the list goes on. The common thread in all 'One Chance' situations is that the scammers create an impression that if the opportunity is missed, it can never be regained and force their victims into making a hasty decision. I have fallen prey to 'one chance' business deals on a number of occasion and my advice is this:

So my people, SHINE YOUR EYES!!!

Aunty Mo.


  1. Lol, as funny as this post was (esp the part of you fleeing to the other side of the road without proper caution) it sure is true.

    Reminds me of the saying "you never know how humble a poor man is until he gets rich" sure has a way of showing us who we really are :).

    But wait o, my hubby was almost too good to be true, but 5 years going, he's still a blessing. So I guess in some instances, too good to be true might still be safe :D

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for your precious comments. We thank God for our husbands but there are some 'One Chance' guys out there o, just sounding a note to singles to tread carefully.


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